Unfinished projects.

I am the queen of unfinished projects. In fact, I’m slightly surprised that the Bug made it out whole and perfect. I just never get around to finishing what I start.


Take this blog for example. The last time I posted was 3 and a half months ago. Since then the Bug has started rolling consistently, was moved to a big boy car seat, has grown 4 teeth, and said his first word.  So much for keeping track of his milestones here.


While pregnant with the Bug I started 2 baby blanket projects.  I have yet to finish either of them and he is almost 8 months old. It’s a good thing he has a Grandma and Great Aunt who crochet.  We even received a handmade embroidered blanket and jacket from the mother of a childhood friend of DH.  I’m such a slacker.  Maybe I’ll finish those blankets in time for number 2, but I’m not going to hold my breath.


Sometimes I would like to blame my lack of finishing power on being overwhelmed as a new mom.  That would be a cop out.  I haven’t run into a lot of the struggles most new moms face.  I have an easy baby.  He sleeps well, eats well, and is capable of entertaining himself.  I couldn’t ask for more.


Do you finish the majority of projects that you start?


I don’t get it.

The fascination with coupons, that is.

DH has been subtly suggesting that I clip coupons for months.  Sometimes I do it.  Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places, but I rarely find coupons I think are worth the hassle of the search.  Whenever I use coupons, I always end up with a lot of junk that I wouldn’t buy otherwise.  Like the coupons I currently have for a bucket of wings and a dozen glazed donuts.  Neither of which is conducive to my weight loss journey.

Maybe if we had a house with a lot of storage space I would stock up on non perishables.  That’s what I need to coupon successfully, a new house.  Think I can find a coupon for that?  One with a pantry the size of our current kitchen, and a laundry room twice that size full of storage cabinets.

Sometimes I come across coupons for things that we do use all the time. Things like diapers and formula.  It’s too bad the big warehouse stores don’t take coupons, because I usually buy all of that in bulk.  It doesn’t make sense to me to use a $1 off coupon for formula at the grocery store when I can get a container twice the size for the same price at Sam’s Club.

Oh well, I guess I’ll never be an Extreme Couponer.  But for now the search will continue.  Here’s to finding coupons that are actually useful!


Bug had his 4 month check up on Tuesday. Doc says he’s doing awesome, but DH and I already knew he was perfect. 😉 She also told us we should start feeding him solids. I have spent most of this week making his first month’s worth of baby food.  Call me picky, but on the off chance I have to eat some of it to show him it’s “yummy”, I want to know what I’m eating.  It’s also really easy and cheap.  We’ve tried sweet potatoes and peas so far, with lots of different pureed fruits in the freezer.  I decided to skip the cereal. Bug’s a big boy who sleeps great, he doesn’t need the empty calories.  He’s doing pretty well with the food. He’s given us a few “what is this stuff?” looks, but he’s swallowing it all down. He’s starting to get the hang of eating food from a spoon, and is even opening his mouth pretty wide when I hold it up.  Funny thing is, he doesn’t open up as well for DH. No idea why, we both feed him the same thing. In a couple of days we will start introducing the fruit. I can’t wait to see how he likes it. The apple is really tasty, and the peaches and mango look a lot like the sweet potatoes he’s already had.  I bet he’ll be a little confused if he’s expecting sweet potato and he gets peaches instead.

The Doc did tell us we need to do more tummy time.  She seemed a little concerned that Bug had shown no interest in rolling over by his 4 month visit.  I don’t know why, he actually rolled over for the first time this afternoon.  Yay for another milestone!

There were two slightly worrying aspects to his doctor’s visit.  He has a lump on the side of his face and needs an ultrasound to see what it is, and the Doc is concerned that he is favoring his left hand.  We have an ultrasound appointment next week for the lump.  I doubt it is anything to be concerned about, it’s not discolored and doesn’t seem to be bothering him. The left-handed thing is really only concerning if he stops using his right hand all together.

First solid food

First solid food

Sweet potatoes!

Today’s the day.

One year ago today DH and I said I do.  Tonight we are going out sans the Bug for the first time. Hooray for mothers-in-law who strategically plan their first visit to meet their new grandson!

MIL’s visit is just well timed all around. Not only is she here to babysit, but she gets to play with a much more interactive Bug. He’s smiling at people now, and trying to laugh.  He’s also starting to reach for toys, even if he isn’t really holding anything yet. I guess Bug is starting to figure out that those hand things are attached to him and under his control.

I Feel Good!


Just wow.

I’m usually SO not a morning person.

My B-I-L and S-I-L are visiting this week, and out of cowardice I decided to get up at 6 am and work out instead of taking the risk that they might see me doing it at my normal times.  It’s now 8 am and I feel pretty awesome.

I’m not ashamed of working out or anything. Why would I be? It’s just that I feel self conscious and don’t want anyone to watch me do it.  I’m actually pretty proud of myself for keeping up with my new exercise routine for the last month.  But, no matter how proud I am, no one needs to view my work outs except for the Bug.

Today is also weigh in day.  I’ll find out in a few hours exactly how much weight I gained or lost this week. Last week I came within a pound of losing 15% of my body weight.  I hope I hit that goal today.

I am anticipating this being a tough Weight Watchers week.  I always want to eat too much of the wrong things when we have guests. I hope I can actually implement some of the strategies I’ve learned and not do too poorly.  I really like the Weight Watchers program.  Some people can just diet and have it work out. That’s not me.  I need the accountability of the weekly weigh ins and meetings to keep me on track.  Especially because I have about 150 pounds to lose. At last weeks weigh in I had lost over 46 of those pounds.

I feel so good after my work out this morning that I’m pretty confident that I can do it.


The Bug is 10 weeks old today.  He’s 13 lbs and starting to out grow his 0-3 month clothes.  He’s changing so fast!  He’s vocalizing a lot and discovering his hands.  He likes to lay in his play gym and bat at the toys above him.  He is definitely showing a preference for his left hand.  I wonder if he will be left handed like his Great Gramps.  I’m glad he is becoming more interactive with us.  He still loves to stare at the living room wall, but he will also stare at us and babble.

Bug’s not the only one changing.  I’m starting to find my way as a stay at home mom.  I’m really making an effort to be better about keeping up with the chores.  I’ve never exactly been Susie Homemaker, so I’ve found it difficult to keep up with all of the house keeping chores.  I really want to change that about myself.  It’s only fair that if DH is working every day to support us, then I keep the house clean and the Bug happy and healthy.  It’s a process to make the necessary changes in myself, but it will be so worth it in the end to have the kind of home and family I want to provide for DH.  He does so much for us.

I’m not only trying to become a better house keeper, but I’m also trying to lose weight.  I’ve lost 47 of the 60 lbs I gained while pregnant, so I’ve gotten a great start.  I only have about 110 more to lose.  I want to lose the weight so that I can be healthy enough to keep up with the Bug and to teach him healthy eating habits.  I hope that if I can model healthy choices for him he won’t have to learn how to make them on his own.  I have a lot of bad habits I need to break if I’m going to be a good role model for my son.  I’m starting with Weight Watchers and learning to make exercise a priority.  I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping up with my new exercise routine for the last four weeks.  I really want to lose the weight, and I want to keep it off.  This needs to be a life style change.  I had some health problems during my pregnancy that might have been avoided if I hadn’t started so heavy.  We’re considering trying for #2 in about a year and I want to lose a lot of weight before then.

Bug 6 weeks


Posing 🙂

Welcome to the world Bug!

My husband spent some time this past weekend cleaning the garage.  Amid the boxes of junk, that have been sitting there since I moved in almost two years ago, he found a couple of journals.  DH really enjoyed these glimpses into my past, so I thought I’d try again.  What is a blog if not an online journal for the author’s thoughts.  I don’t know that I’m ready for anyone I actually know to read this, but some how it doesn’t seem as unnerving if a total stranger reads it.   I have  a feeling most of my blog posts will be related to my experiences as a new mom.

Our Bug was born 8 weeks ago.  I have to say, it has been a pretty awesome 8 weeks.  Bug’s entry into the world did not really go as we thought it would.  At 32 weeks, my midwife thought he felt a little big and sent us for an ultrasound.  He was estimated to be over 5 lbs, and I started to get very worried about growing a giant in my uterus.  At 34 weeks, the doctor agreed with the midwife and sent me for another ultrasound.  He was estimated to be over 7 lbs.  I had already passed two glucose tolerance tests earlier in my pregnancy, but was sent for another, which of course I failed.  At 35 weeks I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, by 36 weeks I was being medicated for it.  At 37 weeks I had a C section due to uncontrolled diabetes and mild pre-eclampsia.  Bug was born 3 weeks before his due date and weighed 9 lbs 5 oz.  I’m afraid of what he might have weighed had we made it to his due date, and pretty grateful that I wasn’t required to try to push a 12 lb baby out of me.

Some how or other, DH and I landed our selves a pretty awesome baby.  From what I can tell, I’m the only new mom ever to be getting plenty of sleep.  Bug slept through the night for the first time at two and a half weeks old.  He’s an old pro at it by now.  He’s a pretty contented baby over all, and sometimes I just have to brag.