I don’t get it.

The fascination with coupons, that is.

DH has been subtly suggesting that I clip coupons for months.  Sometimes I do it.  Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places, but I rarely find coupons I think are worth the hassle of the search.  Whenever I use coupons, I always end up with a lot of junk that I wouldn’t buy otherwise.  Like the coupons I currently have for a bucket of wings and a dozen glazed donuts.  Neither of which is conducive to my weight loss journey.

Maybe if we had a house with a lot of storage space I would stock up on non perishables.  That’s what I need to coupon successfully, a new house.  Think I can find a coupon for that?  One with a pantry the size of our current kitchen, and a laundry room twice that size full of storage cabinets.

Sometimes I come across coupons for things that we do use all the time. Things like diapers and formula.  It’s too bad the big warehouse stores don’t take coupons, because I usually buy all of that in bulk.  It doesn’t make sense to me to use a $1 off coupon for formula at the grocery store when I can get a container twice the size for the same price at Sam’s Club.

Oh well, I guess I’ll never be an Extreme Couponer.  But for now the search will continue.  Here’s to finding coupons that are actually useful!


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