I am the queen of unfinished projects. In fact, I’m slightly surprised that the Bug made it out whole and perfect. I just never get around to finishing what I start.


Take this blog for example. The last time I posted was 3 and a half months ago. Since then the Bug has started rolling consistently, was moved to a big boy car seat, has grown 4 teeth, and said his first word.  So much for keeping track of his milestones here.


While pregnant with the Bug I started 2 baby blanket projects.  I have yet to finish either of them and he is almost 8 months old. It’s a good thing he has a Grandma and Great Aunt who crochet.  We even received a handmade embroidered blanket and jacket from the mother of a childhood friend of DH.  I’m such a slacker.  Maybe I’ll finish those blankets in time for number 2, but I’m not going to hold my breath.


Sometimes I would like to blame my lack of finishing power on being overwhelmed as a new mom.  That would be a cop out.  I haven’t run into a lot of the struggles most new moms face.  I have an easy baby.  He sleeps well, eats well, and is capable of entertaining himself.  I couldn’t ask for more.


Do you finish the majority of projects that you start?


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